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Two 4x8 ft. Auxx Lift 1600 (600lbs)+ FREE SHIPPING

Beautify and modernize your home!
Get plenty of storage space and move your most frustrating clutter out of the way
Enjoy 2 (Two) huge and well-designed 8x4 ft. storage lifts

✓ For a better and more attractive home, enjoy more floorspace for new uses
✓ I deal for storing keepsakes, hobby- and sport gear items cluttering the home
✓ Stores up to 600 lbs. fast, safely and easily
✓ Get 32 SqFt & declutter and beautify your home

Includes master remote, keychain remote, C-channel support beams, 4 by 8 platform, silver motor shelves and an attractive grey-silver finish. Uses vinyl coated steel cables (rated a total of 7200 lbs. load capacity)

Get 4ft x 8 ft. of additional easy-access storage

FREE keychain remote ($50 Value)
Fast installation with easy instructions (a modern garage in only 3-4 hrs.)
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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