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No Lifting! Safety-Certified!

Declutters the floor (Park your car) - Modernizes garage - The #1 Storage Lift

Save big on selected items


Industry-Leading Strength & Safety (Thickest Platform)

Tested with 2400 lb (to UL-STANDARDS)

Install it on rafters

The sturdiest Storage Lift

Move items up and down for easy storage

Installs above Garage Door (1 1/2 ft. req.)

"Safe; and more heavy-DUty than any other lift" (#1 LIFT in the USA)

Imagine an organized garage - THE Only SAFETY-CERTIFIED LIFT!

Up to 13 ft. ceilings (or higher) - Only system using Spax® Lag Screws !

✓  Lifts safely 400+ lb of items such as decor, keepsakes, hobby-gear, snow-blower - our blog

• Industry-leading thickest 12-Gauge Steel  (Uses C-Channel beams) and ¼” Decking (!)

Attaches to 3 joists/rafters (up to 24" O.C.) INSTRUCTIONS:

NOW! 3-YEAR Warranty! The lift will always work!

+100% Satisfaction Guarantee (180-days money back)

+ FREE POWDER-COATING (Until 06/15/21)

Again, love the system, looks good, works great! Very durable materials, did not expect this level of quality

Peter Tylor

Our installer is returning tomorrow to complete the other two sets. The first set looks awesome! 

Inde Surhjeet

WOW!! Great Product. Excellent customer service!! Great product. Would recommend this to anyone.

Amazon buyer

Increase HOME VALUE! ⬆ - The industry-leading MOTORIZED SYSTEM (Safety certified)

Declutter & beautify your home

Easy Installation (With step-by-step instructions)


-4ft x 8 ft of additional storage                  

-Lifts 400 lbs. of items (keepsakes, hobby-gear, decor) or 600 lbs. (tools, books, files, heavy decor)       

-Impressive Wireless remote                          

-3 support beams, durable C-Channel heavy-duty rack (Tested with 1600 lbs. load)

Transforming homes for 5 years