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We are more than a supplier. We are your design partner.

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We are more than a supplier. We are your garage storage designer and we want to make your design process easier. That’s why we offer a variety of technical support services to help architects and engineers evaluate and specify our products.

Experienced Auxx-Lift engineers and technical specialists will work hand in hand with your team to develop design solutions for your custom overhead garage storage.

Design Software

We offer support for technical enquiries regarding our products, and to provide customized solutions for your specific projects.

Our team can be contacted either by telephone or by e-mail.

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Specifications and
CAD Details

Integrating directly into AutoCAD®

Our CAD library enables you to directly integrate the Auxx-Lift, Attic-Lift, and Auxx-One Lift into leading construction design software, such as AutoCAD®.


Description Update Format Format
Auxx-Lift June 21, 2021 DWG DXF
Attic-Lift July 23, 2021 DWG DXF
Auxx-One July 21, 2021 DWG DXF
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