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About us

LFK Machinery: 15554 Harte Lane, CA 93021 Moorpark Tel.: (805) 798-0008

LFK Machinery was founded in 2012 to develop and offer revolutionary home improvement and storage solutions. The need for storage was not a new problem. Homes were never built with adequate storage. With ever-accumulating items such as hobby-gear, equipment & keepsakes taking away one's precious floorspace and reducing one's space and leaving messy appearances it's logical to want more storage. 
    The idea was to improve the current options and eliminate their shortcomings and offer products that are not only useful or functional but also decorative. Most overhead storage solutions are outdated and pose several problems. Storage racks require one to climb around on a ladder with one's hands full and hoist items overhead on a rack. There is no easy finding and fetching with items blocking each other's access. It takes a long time to adjust the height, the access is unsafe and a long and tedious process.
That's why we developed the Auxx-lift: To make a fast, safe and easy access to your items possible. After two years of development and design revisions we decide to offer our storage system with a wireless remote to make the operation even more convenient and state of the art while keeping the same low price. Moreover are we committed to provide the most high quality products at the most affordable price
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