We Are Auxx-Lift

Every great design begins with an even better story. Here’s ours.

Our Approach

We started Auxx-Lift to solve a common problem, lack of space, and providing people like you the tools for a clutter-free garage life.

Easy to use
DIY installation
Safe and Secure

Our Mission

  • As a family owned business, we aspire to be a welcome Guest. As a guest in your home or garage, we are always ready to help.
  • We set ourselves apart through thoughtful Innovation. We don’t just innovate for innovation’s sake. Instead, at Auxx-Lift we want to build the best possible inovative garage storage solutions that are not only the safest and strongest but are meant to last decades.
  • We are doing our part, creating manufacturing jobs here at home in the United States of America. We are firm believers that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Let's grow together

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Practice makes Perfect

At Auxx-Lift, we have spent the past eight years building and refining entirely new innovative garage storage solutions.

After many iterations, we believe we’ve come up with the strongest, sturdiest, and safest motorized platform that is better in every way. Now, we're bringing our patented garage storage technology to more homes than ever.

What our products have in common? We Do

We strive to create products that are durable, safe, easy to use and meant for the DIY installation.

Easy to use
DIY installation
Safe and Secure

"By far the best investment we have made in a long time. The Auxx-Lift is well-made and better than anything out there."

Kyle V. Bertolucci from Pasadena, California.



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Our History

  • 1992
    The idea of the Auxx-Lift was born

    Living in a small house in Germany, Lutz needed to find room to store his triplet kids' toys. As an engineer and life long tinkerer, Lutz built the first raisable ceiling platform. Though it was manually raised and lowered with a hand crank, the idea of the Auxx-Lift was born.

  • 2006
    Many years later

    After moving to the United States with his wife and three kids to work for a leading car manufacturer, Lutz was still thinking about the platform.

  • 2010
    First Prototype

    We garnered feedback on how to improve prototypes with various tests and previous engineering coworkers.

  • 2012
    Full time

    After working over 35 years for the same company, Lutz ended his lifelong career to fully focus on his dream, the Auxx-Lift. Together with his son, Chris, Lutz founded the company that bear his initials, LFK Machinery.

  • 2016
    Introducing Auxx-Lift 1.0 to the world

    Almost thirty years after the original idea was born, LFK Machinery launched its first product on Kickstarter. Though, the outcome was not as successful as they had hoped, it showed that there was a market for the Auxx-Lift.

  • 2018
    Auxx-Lift 2.0

    After receiving feedback from hundreds of Auxx-Lift lovers, we launched the next-generation, Auxx-Lift 2.0, with new and improved features such as a 600 lbs lifting capacity.

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  • 2020

    After many requests from customers who have been looking for a liftable platform for their attics, we developed the Attic-Lift.

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  • 2021
    Auxx-One Lift

    The latest addition to our product line is the Auxx-One, a single motor garage hoist that comes with a multi-purpose E-Beam frame.

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  • Future
    2021 and beyond

    Our team is driven by an obsessive passion for creating better experiences, as well as a core belief to challenge the status quo.

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Meet the team

Through our company and the products we create, we hope to change how people feel about their garages and help you live a clutter-free life.

Wolfgang "Wolfie" Pup

Our number #1 employee in charge of supervising all operations.


Lutz Klooth

Founder and mastermind behind the Auxx-Lift with more than 40 years of expierence as an electrical and mechanical engineer.


Chris Klooth

As the Co-Founder, Chris is running the day to day operations and is Lutz's right-hand man.


Carolin Klooth

With over 9 years of experience in commercial construction and a passion for details and numbers, Carolin manages Inventory and is heavily involved in our supply-chain operations.


Markus Klooth, P.E.

As a licensed professional engineer and commercial concrete Superintendent, Markus helps with the engineering and functionality of our products.

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