Top 5 Reasons to Have an Auxx-Lift

Is your garage a mess and unorganized?

We have the perfect garage organization solution for you - Auxx-Lift Team

Added space

Only one Auxx-Lift will add 32-SqFt of space to your garage, storing up to 600 lbs worth of materials away for you. Having an Auxx-Lift will make use of your unused ceiling space and allowing homeowners to store their items overhead and out of their way. You can easily install multiple Auxx-Lifts next to each other for even more added space, as well as using our garage storage accessories to further utilize the storage space.

Clean and organized garage

With our Auxx-Lift models you will be able to store any items off the floor and keep your garage cleaner and more organized! No more judgmental looks from your neighbors! Our Auxx-Lift garage storage upgrade will also help you keep the interior of your house cleaner by moving items you may not use as often to the Auxx-Lift.

Easily accessible

All our Auxx-Lift models are motorized and controlled with an easy-to-use remote control. No more ladders and trying to maneuver your items onto a stationary rack. The Auxx-lift easily lowers 12-feet from the ceiling when you want to retrieve or add items by simply using a remote control. On special request we can supply 18-feet and 20-feet long wires to accommodate higher ceilings. In addition, if the Auxx-Lift is positioned well, you will be able to access the storage items on your lift from all four sides making it even easier to find things and store them away.


The Auxx-Lift garage organization solution has many engineered safety features from the Deadman function to XXXX. Also, as previously mentioned with the Auxx-Lift you will not need to climb up a ladder trying to move boxes onto a storage shelf. With our lifts there is no twisting, turning, and reaching overhead on a ladder 6-feet in the air or walking up or down a ladder with your hands full which can be dangerous. Maybe if you are ‘The Rock’ this isn’t an issue for you, but the average person may find it challenging. The Auxx-Lift will take that challenge away from you by safely lowering the platform to your desired height.

Increase the value of your home

It is crucial to increase your home’s value and stick out to buyers when it comes to eventually selling your home. Oftentimes, the garage is the last thing homeowners remodel or improve since we all know there are a thousand things around the house that need constant fixing. Buyers will love to see that you took care of that for them and provided additional storage space with the Auxx-Lift. For example, this could be a huge selling point for an elderly couple that isn’t as mobile as they used to be.

Still not convinced?

Are you ready for a clean and organized garage?

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