Why a Remote Control over an App to operate the Auxx-Lift?

Why a Remote Control over an App to operate the Auxx-Lift?

You might be wondering why our Auxx-Lifts are a physical remote control operated storage lift instead of an App on your phone, as it seems like there is an App for everything nowadays. Let us explain:


Using a remote control is the safest way to operate the Auxx-Lift. For example, if you operate the lift with an App, you will always have to look at your phone taking your eyes away from your surroundings and off the lift. With a remote control you feel the buttons and can easily control it up and down.


We believe a remote control storage lift is a lot more convenient than having one with a phone app that will require time to open and navigate through it. You will always have your remote control in your garage close to your Auxx-Lift, just like you have a button for your garage door. Personally, if I want to grab something quickly from the garage, I would not want to bring my phone. Maybe I need to grab a box or something heavy to bring inside the house, but now I also need to carry a phone in my hand.


Using a remote control is much faster and easier to use. No need to unlock your phone and find the App, as you can just pick up the remote control and operate the lift right then and there.

Please leave us a comment with your opinion on this topic. We would love to hear from you.

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