Auxx-Lift Advantages

Enjoy unique benefits and advantages

Auxx-Lift has maximum strength and durability with an industrial quality design and numerous ceiling connections at each support for added strength.

• Industry-leading thickest 12-Gauge Steel  (Uses C-Channel beams) and 3 Gauge = ¼” Decking (!)

Competitor's products do not measure up to these benefits:
Lower it to any height and lock it in place, adjustable height for greater convenience and a wide range of storage options.

  • You can install it side by side, regular racks block each other's access and restrict one from many configurations with several lifts
  • Multiple ways to install it multiple units for maximum storage and floorspace, have one over the car hood, over the car
  • Versatile enough you can install it between the ceiling and garage door allowing you to maximize the storage potential of your garage. Other systems allow only 2 ft.
  • Most storage lifts have a small storage platform and a lower weight capacity restricting one to also store heavier and larger items for a variety of items

Unique strength & features
Industrial strength steel
Attractive scratch-resistant finish and is made of durable steel
Assembled  and designed in America
2 powerful 50 Torque motors
each of the two montage rails is connected to at least four ceiling support for extra redundancy as a safety feature (four connections)
This also displaces amount of stress on any ceiling joist
More flexibility to optimize the garage storage potential and get more valuable space

Improvement in look, feel and use of home

  • The well-designed and remote controlled storage lift system is a unique addition to one's home adding elegance, style and beauty to one's home and modernizing it
  • A motorized system and storage system is an upgrade benefiting based on it's saving possibilities, operational efficiency and beauty. More visually appealing homes with exceptional curb fascinate and are more attractive, impressive and desirable



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