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How was the Auxx-Lift Series developed?
Auxx-lift has been developed over the last 4 years and has undergone many revisions and product testings to UL-standards to make it a safe and trouble-free product. It is a revolutionary home improvement and storage product. We eliminated the shortcomings of other storage products and adopted special features such as a remote-control and also bring you safety, excellent design and high quality at the lowest possible price.
It this a new product?
We started producing and manufacturing the current version in January 2014 and started a soft launch to make sure it performed to our expectations. All the components such as the motors are state-of-the-art technology and high-quality. The technology for the motor controller is patent-pending as well as the design and extra features
What is special about this product? What are the benfits of it's design
The Auxx-lift was designed to provide maximum storage, safety, convenience and a strikingly attractive design. We also eliminated the shortcomings of similar storage products such as an unclean design,  inaccessibility, low-quality components and safety issues,
We added extra features such as a wireless remote, three extra support beams and redundant safety features not found on competitor's and we use a superior and strong storage platform, C-channel beams and wire mesh decking. The lift also has numerous ceiling connections at each support for added strength. 
It is an attrative, safe, economical and convenient overhead storage solution
The maximum strength and durability and industrial quality design make it stand out as well. It has an adjustable height for greater convenience and a wide range of storage options (multiple units can be installed side by side)
What is the motor's electrical requirements?
The Auxx-lift 400 is powered by 2x 1/2 HP, 50-Torque motors. And the Auxx-lift 600 is powered by 2x 1/2 HP motors. They run on standard US household power. The motor draws approxiamtely 8 amps. In the garages the units can be plugged into the outlets placed in the ceiling for garage door openers. They can be installed in any standard outlet though.
What are some notable features
​Industrial strength steel
Attractive scratch-resistant finish and is made of durable steel
Assembled  and designed in America
2 powerful 50 Torque motors
each of the two montage rails is connected to at least four ceiling support for extra redundancy as a safety feature (four connections)
This also displaces amount of stress on any ceiling joist
More flexibility to optimize the garage storage potential and get more valuable space
How is the Unit installed?
The Auxx-Lift has special ceiling mounting brackets that are installed perpendicular to the garage ceiling's joists or ceiling supports. Two struts are installed to at least 4 ceilings supports for extra redundancy. The bolts used are 1/4 inches. Licensed Installers/handymen will let you pick the location of your Auxx-Lift in your garage. They will then look for the ceiling supports/joists and install the the system's montage rails, followed by the motors and the platform
Can I install the unit myself?
The installation is similiar to that of an automatic garage door opener. You work overhead on a ladder or scaffold and you have to find the ceiling's joists. You have to install the 2 mounting rails to the ceiling's supports.
It usually take a professional installer about 2 hours
Does it have a warranty?
It has a three-year warranty on the two motors and a lifetime warranty on all other parts. Including Labor. It was also tested to UL-Standards and has passed extreme durability tests. It is designed for trouble-free operation. For a period of (30) thirty days from the date of purchase, should you not be satisfied with your product, you are entitled to a full refund less taxes and shipping & handling costs paid by the buyer. Seller warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in materials & workmanship and will perform in accordance with its published specifications.