09 Adjust motor Part 1

09 Adjust motor Part 1

09 Adjust motor Part 1
  • 1

    Put a level on the 4’ (3’) side beam to control levelness

  • 2

    Floor adjustment: Check to see if the motor stopped and white LED is turned on at controller.

Having troubles with this step?

Activate the controller by using the remote control and perform the following steps: Press Up – 1, hold and stop after 2”; then press Stop – 2; Press down – 3 and let the lift run until lift stops by itself.

Turn inside switches in (+) direction until the lift is at the desired height and levelness and make sure to stop 1/8” before the legs touch the floor.
2022 & NEWER: Inside switches are for ceiling adjustment and outside switches are for floor adjustments. Clockwise ("righty") is plus and counter-clockwise ("lefty") is minus.
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